Laboratory Engineering

Services provided
Laboratory support teams are based at various locations across Adelaide and travel to country areas.  Using a sophisticated SA BME-wide database, they provide timely and cost effective management of a wide range of medical and scientific equipment throughout its lifecycle, IE: Equipment replacement planning, Acquisition support and advice, Commissioning, User training, Warranty management, Breakdown support, Preventative maintenance, Modifications, Hazard and incident management, End of life disposal.

Most equipment is supported entirely in-house however a collaborative approach with the manufacturer’s agents for certain highly specialised equipment such as mass spectrometers and some imaging equipment ensures the highest level of support. 

Some staff have provided numerous overseas consultancies in Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Samoa and Kiribati.

The Lab teams have specific expertise in:

  • Testing temperature control and monitoring equipment, traceable to national standards.
  • NATA accredited testing of volumetric equipment (pipettes and burettes)
  • NATA accredited testing of electronic weighing devices.
  • Repair and maintenance of medical imaging equipment including endoscopic equipment.
  • Spectrophotometer calibration traceable to national standards.

Other examples of equipment typically supported includes:
  • Incubators and anaerobic chambers
  • Centrifuges
  • Water baths
  • Mixers and other small laboratory equipment
  • Bio-chemistry and Haematology Analysers
  • Chromatography systems
  • Mass Spectrophotometry
  • Laminar flow and Biological safety cabinets
  • Microscopes
  • Cryogenic storage facilities
  • Water purification systems
  • PCR machines
  • Histopathology equipment
  • Blood gas analysis


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