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Flinders Biomedical Enterprises, FBE Pty Ltd, (FBE) is a biomedical engineering research and consultancy firm wholly owned by Flinders Foundation. FBE uses its close relationship with the joint Biomedical Engineering Department of Flinders University School of Medicine / Flinders Medical Centre, to provide biomedical engineering expertise on a commercial basis and to develop medical devices.

Flinders Biomedical Engineering

The firm has grown out of the biomedical engineering research and consultancy practices that have been operating out of Flinders Medical Centre for a number of years. FBE's close collaboration with the Flinders Biomedical Engineering group at Flinders Medical Centre / Flinders University School of Medicine, provides a unique opportunity to get developing medical devices to market.

Flinders Foundation

Flinders Foundation is the fundraising arm of the Flinders Medical Centre. Profits generated by the company are invested in further research at Flinders Medical Centre and Flinders University, South Australia.


Flinders Foundation is dedicated to providing funds to:

  • support world class research
  • purchase vital medical equipment for the hospital
  • fund scholarships, fellowships and travel grants for young scientists and clinicians
  • upgrade and develop new hospital facilities
  • attract and retain world class researchers

FBE’s mission is to

  • Provide Medical Engineering expertise to clients nationally and overseas
  • Develop medical devices to the proof of concept stage and partner with entities to commercialise products where an appropriate return on investment can reasonably be realised
Product/Service Offering

FBE has three distinct product/service offerings.

  • Biomedical Consultancy Services. A consultancy service utilising the skills and expertise of the Flinders Biomedical Engineering team to provide advice, training, and other services to the medical sector
  • Biomedical Equipment Calibration Services. The FBE team provides expertise and advice to calibrate biomedical equipment
  • Biomedical Product Research and Development. A product research and development service taking biomedical product concepts through to commercialisation/proof of concept stages of production. At the board’s discretion, FBE may partner with other entities to commercialise products where a suitable return on investment can reasonably be realised
FBE Achievements & Benefits

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Lower body vacuum chamber

Medical device lecture

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